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August 14, 2020

Do You Need Soap for Sidewalk and Driveway Power Washing in St. Petersburg?

Regular sidewalk and driveway power washing in St. Petersburg, Florida, ensures your property looks its best while also protecting concrete and paver stones from damage. Pressure washing removes ground-in dirt, sand, silt, and air pollution residues from all those nooks and crannies along stone and concrete surfaces, far more effectively than any garden hose!

To ensure a thorough, effective clean, homeowners often wonder if they need soap or a certain detergent, as well as brushes and other specialty equipment, for sidewalk and driveway power washing in St. Petersburg, Florida. Before you go out and rent some pressure washing equipment or look online for tutorial videos, note some vital information about this work and why it’s often best to leave it in the hands of a pro! You can then discuss any questions you have with a St. Petersburg pressure washing company and know your home or other property is clean and pristine and in good condition.

Why Every Property Needs Sidewalk and Driveway Power Washing in St. Petersburg!

Before considering the best way to manage sidewalk and driveway power washing in St. Petersburg, Florida, you might first note some advantages of this work and why it should be performed regularly, and the benefits of other such pressure washing around your property.

sidewalk driveway power washing St. Petersburg
  • Sand, silt, and other gritty debris tend to etch and scratch concrete and paver stones, allowing more dirt and residues to settle into those cracks and crevices. The more etching and scratching, the more risk of cracks and surface spalling.
  • Dirt, mud, grass clippings, and other such wet debris hold moisture against stone and concrete surfaces. In turn, those materials might suffer water damage including softening and resulting cracks and chips.
  • Corrosive materials used on many properties such as fertilizers and lawn care chemicals, pool chlorine residues, and motor oil dripping from lawnmowers and other such power tools, settle onto paver stones and concrete, making them brittle and likely to break or chip.
  • Mold, moss, and other such residues are often slick underfoot, creating unsafe walking surfaces.
  • Pressure washing can kill growing mold spores as well as developing mildew and algae.
  • A standard garden hose is typically ineffective at removing all these residues and especially as they get ground into stone and concrete pits and pores. St. Petersburg power washing reaches those cracks and crevices, removing dirt and grime homeowners might overlook.
  • Pressure washing also restores the color of brick, paver stones, and painted concrete far more effectively than a hose and underpowered tools and sprayers. Homeowners are often surprised at the appearance of their sidewalk and driveway after proper pressure washing.

Regular residential pressure washing in St. Petersburg also keeps all exterior surfaces clean and free of damage caused by corrosive chemicals, air pollution residues, and so on. Gutter cleaning also keeps them free of clogs, protecting exterior walls and the home’s foundation from water damage and unsightly stains. Consider scheduling these cleaning services when it’s time for sidewalk and driveway power washing in St. Petersburg!

The Best Method for Sidewalk and Driveway Power Washing in St. Petersburg

Not all St. Petersburg pressure washing services are alike! It’s vital homeowners understand this, as certain methods are effective for cleaning some surfaces but not others, while some power washing systems might actually damage various areas around a property.

As an example, too much pressure during sidewalk and driveway power washing in St. Petersburg, Florida, might dislodge paver stones and brick or strip away their sealant. Someone not trained properly in pressure washing techniques is also more prone to create lots of muddy splatter, digging up dirt and grass surrounding a property’s driveway and walkways.

concrete power washing st. pete fl

Homeowners wondering if you need to use soap or detergents for sidewalk and driveway power washing in St. Petersburg, Florida, might also be assuming that high pressure rinsing is the best choice for removing ground-in sand and silt or thick grime. This, too, might be ineffective and just create lots of mess while damaging those pavers and other materials.

Most St. Petersburg, FL, pressure washing contractors agree that soft wash systems and specialty brushes are the best choices for sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, and wood decking. Soft wash systems start with specialty cleansers designed to dissolve thick dirt and grime, working their way into cracks and crevices of stone, concrete, and wood; brushed designed for these surfaces also offer a gentle scrub. A soft, low-pressure rinse then cleans away those residues without damage and with minimal splatter and mess.

Soft wash systems are also typically recommended for roof cleaning, so as to avoid dislodging shingles, tiles, flashing, and other materials, as well as gutter cleaning and window washing. These surfaces all need a thorough but gentle cleaning without splatter and other mess, making soft wash systems an excellent choice for many areas around your property.

How Often Do You Need Sidewalk and Driveway Power Washing in St. Pete?

Most homes around the country might need pressure washing every two years on average; however, keep in mind that any home located near a major water body will typically see far more airborne sand, silt, and other gritty debris settling into paver stone and concrete nooks and crannies. Airports, marinas, and busy roadways also mean lots of soot, dust, and other such dirt landing on a home’s roof, windows, and its walkways and driveways!

Some homeowners might find that annual sidewalk and driveway power washing in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the best option for them, and especially if your home is particularly close to the Gulf. Note, too, that outdoor grills, barbecues, and fire features also produce lots of soot and ash; if you entertain outdoors quite often throughout the year, your property might benefit from annual or even semi-annual pressure washing.

 A power washing contractor can also note the best schedule of sidewalk and driveway power washing in St. Petersburg, Florida, for your home. This will ensure your property is always clean and ready for both entertaining and relaxing!

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