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June 24, 2019

Hidden Benefits of Window Washing a St. Petersburg Home

Never put off needed window washing a St. Petersburg home. Professional window power washing offers many benefits beyond sparkling clean windows, although clean windows are usually enough reason to call a window washing contractor in St. Petersburg!

If you’re a homeowner anywhere in the St. Pete area, you might note some hidden benefits of professional window cleaning and power washing for your home’s entire exterior. It’s also good to note that St. Petersburg window washing is not a DIY job! Consider a few reasons why you should schedule regular exterior window washing and why this job is best left to the pros.

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Window Washing in St. Petersburg Protects Exterior Glass

Regular St. Pete window cleaning protects exterior glass from long-term damage in a few different ways, including:

  • Sand, silt, and other gritty residues etch and scratch windows over time. Dirt, dust, and other debris settle into those scratches, making them larger and more visible. Eventually that dirt and dust becomes so embedded that your home’s windows cannot be cleaned and will need replacing! Regular window washing of a St. Petersburg home removes all that gritty residue and keeps windows in good condition.
  • Acid rain residues, air pollution, soot from car and airplane engines, and other corrosive debris weaken window glass over time. Unwashed glass might be at higher risk of shattering or might start to rattle in high winds or when exposed to heavy traffic. Weak and damaged windows also provide less insulation against outside weather and noise.
  • Power washing St. Petersburg windows removes cobwebs, insect nests, and mud used by bothersome insects. Washing away these nests and the insects they harbor protects windows, screens, and frames from corrosive damage. Power washing windows in St. Petersburg also means less risk of those bothersome insects making their way inside your house!
  • Professional window washing of a St. Petersburg home might reveal areas of damage including scratches, chips, and etching. You might then repair that damage or decide to replace the windows altogether, before the panes crack or begin to rattle.

Other Hidden Advantages of St. Petersburg Window Cleaning

Beyond protecting your home’s windows, there are many other advantages or regular window cleaning of a St. Petersburg home, including:

  • Clean windows allow more sunlight into your home’s interior spaces. Added sunlight creates a bright and welcoming interior and exposure to more sunlight during the day might even enhance your mood! Increased sunlight is also good for houseplants and can reduce the need for artificial lights, lowering your electric bills.
  • Removing dirt and grime from windows improves your home’s appearance and curb appeal. You might have been considering new windows only to find that your home’s current windows only needed a good scrubbing to look brand new!
  • Most St. Petersburg window washing contractors clean window screens along with the home’s exterior glass. Clean screens allow in more fresh air but less dust, dirt, pollen, and other bothersome residues that tend to get trapped in the mesh of the screen.
  • Removing layers of dust, dirt, sandy residues, mold, and other debris from a home’s exterior glass means easier breathing when outside on your patio or deck! You might not even realize how much dirt and dust you’ve been breathing in until you call window washers in St. Petersburg FL and have those windows scrubbed completely.
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St. Petersburg Window Washing is Not a DIY Job!

Never assume that you can forego the services of window washers in St. Petersburg FL and simply rent power washing equipment. One reason to leave this job in the hands of the pros is that it’s easy to shatter a window with a pressure washer! A homeowner might also bend or shred window screens and peel paint away from window frames and sills.

Failing to rinse detergents and cleansers properly also results in streaky windows. A professional window washer in St. Petersburg FL knows how to rinse detergents quickly and properly, and especially during hot summer days when cleanser is more likely to dry before rinsing. They might also follow up the washing with a squeegee, ensuring all water and soap are removed.

Washing windows also tends to result in a soapy mess along your home’s exterior including your lawn and landscaping. Professional window washing contractors in St. Petersburg will typically cover your landscaping features and ensure that rinse water washes away from your property or is collected for proper disposal.

How to Choose a Window Washing Company in St. Petersburg

Not all St. Petersburg FL window washing companies are alike! When you’re in the market for window cleaning contractors, consider some quick tips for ensuring you choose the best one for your home:

  • Check online reviews. When a homeowner is impressed by someone’s service, they’re likely to leave a good review on Google or elsewhere. A pressure washing company without reviews or with lots of negative reviews is not the right choice for you!
  • Note how long they’ve been in business. A contractor new to the window washing industry might not have the skills needed to wash your home’s windows properly! Remember that anyone can buy power washing equipment and claim to be a professional window washer but you want to choose someone with experience in safe and effective cleaning techniques.
  • Consider a power washing company in St. Petersburg that offers other exterior cleaning services, so you can have your entire property cleaned at once! Ask if you might get a discount if you also schedule roof washing, patio and driveway cleaning, and outside house washing. Your entire property will then be spotlessly clean along with those sparkling windows!
  • As with all home renovation and repair contractors, check if the company is licensed and insured. While damage to a home during the window washing process is rare, you want to ensure you’ll be reimbursed from their insurance company if they should break something on your property!

No matter the company you choose for window washing a St. Petersburg home, you’re sure to love the look of your entire property once those windows are sparkling clean! Your view is improved instantly, both inside and out, and your windows will look brand new after a thorough window washing in St. Petersburg FL.

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