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March 20, 2019

Why Residential Pressure Washing Is Not a DIY Job

Regular residential pressure washing preserves the overall appearance of a home, while also protecting it from long-term damage caused by dirt and dust as well as corrosive sand and gritty residues. Regular window washing also protects glass from becoming weak and brittle over the years, while roof washing makes the roof look its best while also exposing areas of needed repairs.

Improper residential pressure washing techniques can damage a home's exterior walls, windows, and roof. Professional contractors also know the correct detergents to use for various surfaces and are sure to rinse those cleansers thoroughly.

As a responsible homeowner, you want to ensure that your house is always clean and in good repair, and avoid damaging your home by trying to perform repairs and maintenance jobs that are outside your area of expertise. Note some vital information about residential power washing, so you know how to manage this job properly and know when it's time to call on a professional instead!

Why You Should Avoid Residential Power Washing DIY

Renting a pressure washer and spraying down your home's exterior probably seems like a simple task, but there is much more to effective power washing than you might realize! Consider some important reasons why you might call a professional for all residential house washing, window cleaning, and roof washing you need to have done, rather than relying on a home pressure washer or rented equipment.

  • Holding the wand of a pressure washer too close to a surface causes etching, scratching, chipping, and other such damage. Too much pressure can even split wood decking and fencing! Dirt, mud, sand, and other such residues might then settle into those pits and pores, making those surfaces dirtier over time and causing even further damage.
  • Thick dirt and grime are tough to rinse away on its own, but using the wrong detergent or cleanser, or failing to rinse that soap properly, can damage many exterior surfaces, especially wood decks and fencing. Professional contractors know the right soaps to use for every surface and type of dirt and will ensure to rinse those surfaces as needed.
  • Certain exterior surfaces might require the use of specialty tools for a thorough clean; for example, stiff-bristled brushes help to clean sand and grit out of the pits and pores of concrete, while a squeegee removes excess rinse water from exterior windows.
  • Using excessive pressure can shatter windows and dislodge the edge of roofing shingles, but climbing a ladder to reach upper story windows and eaves with a pressure washer is downright dangerous. Being on a home's roof with a power washer is also tricky for someone inexperienced with balancing on a roof, and can lead to falls and serious injuries.
  • A soft wash cleaning is often an excellent choice for some exterior surfaces, as the surfactants used for soft clean systems dissolve thick mud and dirt, and seep into even the smallest pits and pores of concrete, roof shingles, and the like. The low-pressure rinse of soft cleaning also protects fragile exterior surfaces from damage.
residential pressure washing

A professional power washing contractor will ensure that your home's exterior surfaces are all cleaned thoroughly and not damaged in the process. He or she can also advise if soft cleaning, scrubbing, or squeegee rinsing are better options for your property than standard residential pressure washing services.

Why Your Home Needs Regular Power Washing

If you're a bit discouraged at the thought of hiring a professional for needed pressure washing around your home's exterior, it's good to remember that this type of cleaning is an investment in your property and its overall maintenance. Note some reasons why every home needs regular residential pressure washing services, and why some houses might need this service more often than others.

  • Gritty residues such as sand and silt can etch brick, exterior glass, and other such surfaces around your property, causing damage and weakening these materials. Homes in coastal areas or those near any water might then need power washing more often than other properties, to remove airborne grit that settles onto the roof, outside walls, and windows.
  • Soot and other forms of air pollution, as well as acid rain residue, also settle onto roof shingles and outside walls, drying those materials, causing them to become brittle or crumbly. If your home is near an airport, production facility, or busy roadway, its outside surfaces might be covered in thick soot and grime and need consistent cleaning throughout the year!
  • Water stains and thick dirt and grime often hide or camouflage damaged areas of a home's roof, brick walls, and other such surfaces. A thorough cleaning allows you to inspect your home for chipped brick, holes in aluminum siding, soft spots on the roof, and other such damage.
  • A quick cleanout of a home's gutters with a standard garden hose is often insufficient for removing thick or packed silt and grime. Professional gutter cleaning will ensure those gutters are free of dirt that might cause clogs, protecting your home’s exterior and its foundation from potential water damage.
  • Professional power washing removes termite tunnels, insect nests, cobwebs, and other areas of insect infestation, protecting the home from damage and keeping those pests out of your inside space. Those pests might also find cleaning fluids used during pressure washing to be bothersome, so regular power washing not only removes their nests, but it might even keep them away from your home!
  • Removing mildew, mold, and other such debris from timber decking and fencing protects that wood from getting soft and then cracking and chipping.

An experienced contractor from a residential pressure washing company can also note if areas of your home need repair as he or she cleans. They might point out chipped concrete, split wood decking or fencing, crumbling brick walls, and other such trouble spots that need repairs as soon as possible.

residential power washing

Power Washing for Your Outdoor Comfort and Health

You may not think that residential pressure washing affects your comfort and health, but dust, dirt, sand, and other such debris can become airborne even after settling onto your home so that you breathe in these irritants while trying to enjoy your backyard or pool. The smell of mildew developing along a timber deck or roof eaves can also be bothersome, and airborne mold spores are very unhealthy!

An unkempt and dirty home exterior can also detract from your landscaping, patio area, and the like. You might find it difficult if not downright impossible to relax on your patio or deck or by your home's pool if you're always greeted with the sight of a dirty home exterior, mildew clinging to that deck, or caked-on dirt and grime covering your outside spaces. Regular cleaning allows you to relax and also provides a more welcoming environment for guests.

Your Home Needs Soft Wash Cleaning

Soft wash cleaning is more effective at washing away thick, caked-on dirt and grime than high-pressure power washing! Soft wash systems start with specialty detergents designed to dissolve even packed mud, thick and dried dust, layers of sand and silt, and other such bothersome residues from a home's exterior surfaces.

Because these specialty surfactants quickly dissolve thick dirt and grime, a low-pressure rinse is then sufficient for cleaning your home's exterior. Your home gets cleaner with soft wash systems than with high-pressure rinsing, making soft cleaning an excellent choice for every house but especially those with very filthy exteriors and old, fragile roof shingles, windows, and the like.

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Why Clean the Hard Surfaces of a Property?

Hard surfaces of your property, meaning concrete, asphalt, patio pavers, and exterior stone also need regular cleaning, along with exterior walls and a home's roof. You might not think that materials like concrete or stone need cleaning, but note why it's an excellent idea to have a residential pressure washing company schedule this cleaning for your property on a regular basis.

  • Concrete and many other hard materials are not as solid as you might expect, and gritty debris can etch away at their surfaces and form pits and scratches.
  • Mud and other wet residues hold moisture against the surface of these exterior materials. Excess moisture can soften concrete and asphalt as well as many types of paver stones and tiles, leading to eventual cracks and chips.
  • Sand, silt, mud, and algae are all very slick, creating an unsafe walking surface.
  • Chlorine and pool chemicals that become airborne and settle onto concrete pool decks and other exterior surfaces cause tremendous damage to these materials, and can also be bothersome to your sinuses!
  • Professional power washing removes corrosive motor oil and other such automotive fluids from a home's driveway and garage floor, protecting these materials from long-term damage.
  • A homeowner might not even realize that layers of dust, dirt, mud, and other debris are detracting from the appearance of outside surfaces. Washing concrete, patio pavers, stone tiles, and other such surfaces can significantly enhance the appearance of your property and complement your landscaping, patio furniture, and the like.

Related Questions

Will power washing remove all stains from a home's exterior?

Some surface materials, such as brick, roofing shingles, and concrete, absorb discoloring materials over time so that they become permanently stained. However, pressure washing or soft cleaning will remove the vast majority of spots and stains on your home's exterior surfaces.

How do you choose a professional house washing company?

The best residential pressure washing contractor will have years of experience in house washing, not just general maintenance. Look for a company that also offers soft wash cleaning, to ensure he or she avoids causing damage to your property during the cleaning process.

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