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Pressure washing a St. Petersburg home or office will ensure every inch of that structure and its surrounding property are protected from damaging grit, silt, sand, and abrasive dirt and debris. Harsh Florida weather and nearby St. Pete beaches can result in airborne sand and gravel that settle onto area homes and businesses, etching and scratching exterior brick, siding, window glass, roofing shingles, and concrete.

ProClean Pressure Washing of St. Petersburg is the best pressure washing services provider in St. Pete and its surrounding cities. Our soft wash systems use specialty solvents to gently but thoroughly dissolve thick layers of dirt, grime, sand, and silt from all corners and crevices of your house or commercial building, as well as exterior concrete, windows, and hurricane shutters. A low-pressure rinse then removes that debris without damaging exterior surface materials or creating unsightly splattering.

With over twenty years in the industry and a history of stellar, five-star reviews from past customers, ProClean guarantees that our soft wash cleaning will leave your home or office and all exterior surfaces sparkling clean. Check out why you want to call the experts at ProClean Pressure Washing of St. Petersburg for all outside property cleaning in any of these areas:

Gulfport FL

Gulfport is home to Clam Bayou and the Williams fishing pier, two stunning attractions that are a favorite for both residents and tourists. While these sites offer hours of relaxation and enjoyment, area homes and offices are often covered in bothersome sand and silt as well as grit and grime that float in from the gulf. Soft clean pressure washing in Gulfport will remove damaging debris from exterior brick and siding, window glass, and roofs, so your Gulfport property is clean and pristine and ready for relaxing.
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Gulfport Pressure Washing
Pinellas Park Pressure Washing

Pinellas Park FL

Why spend your weekends power washing a Pinellas Park home when nearby Sawgrass Lake Park and Freedom Lake Park are waiting for you? The experts at ProClean Pressure Washing of St. Petersburg can safely but effectively remove years of baked-on sand and grime, as well as damaging mold and algae from your home or storefront. Our soft wash systems won’t damage exterior surface materials, so you can enjoy your weekend and know that your property is clean and protected from abrasive debris. Expert power washing in Pinellas Park that you can count on.
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Lealman FL

Not only is your time better spent at nearby Indian Rocks Beach, but residents should rely on the power washing services in Lealman of ProClean Pressure Washing of St. Petersburg to ensure their home or office is cleaned thoroughly and safely. We have some twenty years of experience in the pressure washing industry and know how to quickly remove the thickest, most abrasive grit and grime from your home, without etching and scratching brick, siding, or window glass.
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Lealman Pressure Washing
Largo Pressure Washing

Largo FL

The Botanical Gardens and Indian Rocks Beach provide hours of enjoyment for residents and tourists alike, so why not spend your weekends relaxing at these attractions rather than pressure washing your Largo home? Regular soft washing by ProClean will remove years of baked-on sand and grime as well as coarse grit that has settled into the pits and pores exterior driveways and pool decks. You can then return from your day at the beach to a beautiful and pristine property!
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Indian Shores FL

Residents of Indian Shores often spend hours relaxing on Sand Keys Beach; however, the powdery sand of this waterfront attraction can easily become airborne and settle onto area homes, scratching and etching brick, roofing tiles, and exterior glass. The solvents used with our soft wash systems in Indian Shores are designed to seep into the cracks and crevices of exterior surface materials, dissolving that bothersome grit. A low-pressure rinse washes it away, keeping your home looking like new.
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Indian Shore Pressure Washing
Seminole Pressure Washing

Seminole FL

Living near beautiful Lake Seminole means lots of coarse and abrasive sand and grime coating your nearby home or business and working its way into pits and pores of brick and concrete. To remove this debris, call on ProClean Pressure Washing of St. Petersburg. Our soft pressure washing system in Seminole will dissolve even thick layers of grime from your home or business, keeping it protected from potential damage and ensuring every inch of your property looks its best.
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Jungle Terrace, St. Petersburg

Protect your home or commercial structure with expert pressure washing in Jungle Terrace, St. Petersburg. Power washing removes damaging sand and silt as well as mold, mildew, and moss, for a stunning and welcoming outdoor space. ProClean Pressure Washing of St. Petersburg offers thorough power washing at competitive rates. We also guarantee customer satisfaction no matter your property’s condition! 

Our soft wash systems dissolve thick dirt and grime without etching, scratching, or messy splatter. At ProClean Pressure Washing of St. Petersburg, we also offer FREE consultations and will happily answer all your questions about soft wash pressure washing. To get started, use our online quote form or just give us a call.
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Jungle Terrace Pressure Washing

Reliable, Affordable, and Efficient

Ann Arbor Power Washing Pros is the most reliable, affordable, and efficient pressure washing company in the entire southeastern Michigan area. We take great pride in ensuring that all our customers receive the personalized, skilled pressure washing services that their house or commercial building needs, whether that’s for a sprawling Canton family home or a small Ypsilanti storefront.

Servicing Entire Ann Arbor Area

Ann Arbor Power Washing Pros proudly serves virtually every city in the Ann Arbor area, from Dexter to Plymouth Township and all the way down to Saline. We know how dirty a home or business can get when it’s situated close to the airport or the increased traffic in and out of MSU, and understand what it takes to cut through dirt and grime that’s left over after a wet Michigan spring.

High Quality Services

Our soft wash pressure cleaning methods are designed to tackle the thickest dirt as well as damaging silt and grit, without harming a structure’s windows, siding, or brick. The cleansers used for our soft wash services are specifically designed to cut through even the worst caked-on mud and dust so that everything can then be gently rinsed away. The structure of your home is then left spotlessly clean and pristine!


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