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Every Home Needs Expert Driveway Power Washing

Expert driveway power washing in St. Petersburg will protect your home’s exterior concrete, asphalt, or flagstone from long-term damage. Gritty, abrasive silt and sand that settles onto St. Pete properties can wear away concrete and other such exterior materials, and this grit also makes sidewalks and patios slick and downright dangerous for walking. When your home needs exterior cleaning, call ProClean Power Washing of St. Petersburg, the number one power washing company for all your driveway and sidewalk washing needs.
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Benefits of Expert Driveway Power Washing

Motor oil and other such petroleum-based products, as well as heavy-duty greases, lubricants, and similar fluids break down the binders in both concrete and asphalt, leading to chips and potholes. Rinsing these fluids with a garden hose is not enough to wash them away! A professional driveway cleaning service will dissolve grease and oil from your home’s concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces.

Abrasive silt, sand, and other such grit also tend to settle onto the exterior surfaces of a St. Petersburg home, working its way into the pits and pores of concrete and patio stones. A professional pressure washer can ensure that all those nooks and crannies of your home’s driveway and walkways are adequately cleaned, while a soft wash power washing of a concrete patio and other areas will remove slick and slippery moss, algae, and other debris.
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Why Rely on Expert Power Washing of Concrete and Stone

A homeowner should avoid renting a pressure washer to wash down their driveway and outside surfaces themselves. Power washing concrete is not as easy as it seems; too much pressure can result in chips and cracks along the material’s surface, as well as damaged paint and sealcoating. However, not enough pressure will mean leaving behind lots of grit and grime! Detergents might also be needed to dissolve motor oil and other such fluids.

The solvents used with our soft wash systems break down oil, grease, grime, and that sandy residue that is difficult to remove with water alone. The low-pressure rinsed applied during this process makes our driveway power washing the best choice for concrete and asphalt, as well as brittle and fragile patio pavers, flagstone, and the like. Your driveway and walkways are then clean and free of damage.

Choose the Experts at ProClean Power Washing of St. Petersburg

When searching for “pressure washing companies near me,” never assume that the cheapest company you see is the best choice, or the most reliable! Any contractor can rent a pressure washer and advertise his or her services, but not every contractor can get your property’s driveway and walkways thoroughly clean without causing damage.

ProClean Power Washing of St. Petersburg is the number one concrete pressure washing company in the St. Pete area, offering a proprietary driveway power washing service that gently but effectively cleans concrete, asphalt, patio pavers, flagstone, and all other such surfaces. Our soft wash systems will dissolve tough, baked-on grease and grime, as well as sandy grit and residue, so that everything can be gently rinsed away, leaving your property spotless and in good repair.

What Makes Us the Best Power Washing Company in Ann Arbor?

What makes Ann Arbor Power Washing Pros the best power washing company in Ann Arbor and all surrounding areas? One reason is that we offer a full range of power washing and soft wash services from your home, including roof cleaning, window washing, gutter cleaning, and everything in between! We can thoroughly clean your property’s entire exterior, from the home’s roof and gutters to the outside walkways and everything in between, all in one visit!

We specialize in driveway power washing, cleaning away built-up residue from your driveway and walkways, preserving your property’s appearance and protecting those surfaces from damage. For all your exterior home cleaning needs in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Canton, Saline, and surrounding areas, call Ann Arbor Power Washing Pros today.


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