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Every Home Needs Expert Pool Deck Cleaning in St. Petersburg

Regular, professional pool deck cleaning in St. Petersburg will protect your property, and even your pool itself, as merely rinsing off a pool deck with a hose won’t remove ground-in dust, sandy grit, and other abrasive materials. Spraying a patio with a power washer, however, can result in chipped paint, loosened brick, and a mess on the surface of the pool’s water. ProClean Power Washing of St. Petersburg is your best choice for cleaning a concrete pool deck, as our soft wash systems will ensure the entire area around your home’s pool is spotlessly clean and in good repair.

Our Pros Know How to Clean a Concrete Deck Around a Pool

Cleaning a cement pool deck requires more than a simple rinse. The surface of cement has lots of pits, pores, nooks, and crannies in which dust and silt can settle. A garden hose is not strong enough to wash out all that debris, and using a power washer can mean blowing that residue into the pool water, creating an unsightly mess.

The soft wash systems used by ProClean Power Washing of St. Petersburg will gently but thoroughly dissolve all that dust and debris. Our pool deck pressure washing services also include a low-pressure rinse, so we avoid scattering residue into the pool itself. Your deck is then thoroughly clean and rinsed with no abrasive or coarse grit left behind.
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Experts in How to Clean Brick Pavers Around a Pool

Our pool deck cleaning in St. Petersburg is the best choice for brick pavers, patio stones, and other fragile materials. Washing loose stones and pavers with a pressure washer can dislodge those pieces, and many types of stone are very brittle and may outright crack and chip during the wash process.

ProClean Power Washing of St. Petersburg uses a gentle pool deck cleaning procedure that starts with specialty soft wash chemicals, dissolving gritty grime, moss, algae, and other debris. We then use specialty brushes for cleaning pavers around a pool, to ensure those surfaces are thoroughly washed without getting scratched or chipped. 

A low-pressure rinse removes that residue, so the pool deck is clean and pristine!

Every St. Pete Home Needs Professional Deck Cleaning

The coarse and abrasive grit and grime that gets trapped in the pits and pores of concrete and paver stones are more than just unsightly. Silt and sand can etch and soften concrete and other such surface materials. Cleaning the concrete deck around a pool will then improve the appearance of your property’s exterior while also protecting the deck itself.

Cleaning a concrete patio around a pool will also remove damaging moss, mold, and algae, as well as any grit and silt that is slick and dangerous for walking. Don’t rely on videos or online tutorials to teach you how to clean pool deck pavers, but call the professionals at ProClean Power Washing of St. Petersburg. We offer the best pool deck cleaning in St. Petersburg and all surrounding areas and guarantee that your deck and patio will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for you to enjoy.


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