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Do your part to help protect the planet!

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Is your roof just beginning to show signs of organic growth? then now is the perfect time to get on our EcoWash system. If growth is already taken over, we make sure this is the last time you use bleach!

Depending on the current condition of your surfaces, we may need to apply a one-time chlorine based cleaning to ensure efficacy. It is sometimes necessary, however, our goal is to avoid chlorine based products from that point on, because of the potential, harmful side effects.

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ProClean EcoWash

How our process works

We're taking over the power washing industry.
Step 1.


Our eco-friendly pressure washing services start with a quick yet thorough application.
Step 2.


EcoWash uses biostatic technology that destroys mold as time passes.
Step 3.


Get on our maintenance plan, and we will show up regularly to ensure no mold ever comes back.

An Alternative to Pressure Washing That's Revolutionizing the Industry!

Our patent pending biostatic cleaning agents affect the behavior of mold, without the need for harmful chemicals.

What Makes EcoWash #1?

Your property needs maintenance. The last thing you should do is wait until your home is covered in organic growth material and then turn to harmful chemicals to clean it.

You don't have to with ProClean EcoWash! It's the first and only product of its kind to deliver cleaning without the dangers associated with bleach. It destroys mold, mildew, algae serves as a preventative solution that is safe for any surface.

Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. Call today to learn more!
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Non-toxic formula, safe for:
Exterior cleaning (roofing, siding, pavers, wood, metal, etc.)
Plants, trees, grass, flowers, and more
All living creatures!
100% SAFE bleach alternative for pressure washing


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The EcoWash by ProClean is amazing! Not only does it make our house look incredible, it feels good to know the kids and dog can run around outside without being surrounding by dangerous chemicals. We're already on the list for next season!
Jessica F.
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FAQs About EcoWash

How long does it take?

ProClean EcoWash doesn't work on contact. It is a biostatic formula, which stops the multiplication of an organism. The time it takes to work will really depend on the condition of your roof. Request a quote, and we'll assess your property and give you a free estimate!

How does it clean?

Organic matter eat the product because they think it's sugar! Over time, the mold is unable to grow, it dies off naturally, and won't attach on that surface for up to 12 months!

Are there advantages vs. traditional pressure washing?

Longer lasting, safer for surfaces, plants, pets, and kids, and better for the planet. For maintenance, we can perform a fast preventative service which prevents regrowth, eliminates the need for pressure washing, and saves you money in the long run.

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